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Living experiences that make a difference: join BlueLink!

Air France KLM subsidiary BlueLink regularly recruits international customer relations experts to work with prestigious brands. Remote customer relations is not only the heart of our business, but also a business close to our heart!  

What exactly is the BlueLink experience?

Working at BlueLink means doing a useful job. Useful to the customers of ours clients, to brands and partners we represent, and also to tomorrow’s world.

It means flourishing in a unique atmosphere and embarking on a rewarding adventure of human interaction that embraces the world, its cultures and all aspects of professional customer relations.  

It also means getting your career off the ground in a dynamic and stimulating environment that encourages and facilitates professional and personal development

4 great reasons to join BlueLink

A meaningful career, a strong corporate culture, the strength and stability of a major group, but with all the agility of a business on a human scale: you’re going to love the BlueLink experience!  

At BlueLink, we see the right balance between demanding standards and kindness as being every bit as important as a positive work/life balance, since both are cornerstones of healthy, high-quality relationships. Remote working, a comfortable working environment and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere are all key to creating a well-balanced quality of work life.

We believe that it is commitment that makes all the difference. Commitment is an attitude and collective state of mind with its roots in trust and co-construction, and within which every individual can achieve self-fulfilment and grow their careers successfully in their chosen role. Commitment requires the nerve to try new things, but in an environment that understands the right to make mistakes. Joining BlueLink means becoming part of a company with genuine empathy and commitment; a company that takes an open attitude to the world, and is fully conscious of its role in civil society.

The diversity of customer relationship roles and markets offers many excellent opportunities for career development and mobility within the Group and elsewhere. We see training as crucial, because it enables every one of us to act as ambassadors for the business, at the same time as upholding our values and spirit of service. The professional and soft skills our teams learn are not only rewarding and fulfilling, but also make a positive contribution to the personal and professional development of every individual we employ.

Our values include collective intelligence, empathy and diversity. You will sense and experience our multiculturalism and enthusiasm from the moment you arrive at BlueLink. You will immediately feel how open and welcoming our people are. In our strong corporate culture, ‘we’ will always be more important than ‘I’. Every type of interpersonal skill, wherever it comes from, is welcome here!

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Our story, Our DNA

Our story, Our DNA

Join us in 5 steps

Let your ambition lead you on to the next level by joining the BlueLink Group! 

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    Online application

    Have you found a vacancy that matches your experience and skills? Then it's time to apply online! Alternatively, you can always send us an unsolicited application. The only thing we insist on is your CV, but we would strongly encourage you to send us any other information that gives us greater insight into your professional background and/or career achievements so far. Always remember that you need to tell us anything that will make us want to get to know you better!

  • 02


    We’ll take a careful look at everything you send us and respond to you regardless of the outcome of your application. If it seems like you’re the person we’re looking for, we’ll contact you to begin the recruitment process. 

    (If not, never hesitate to visit our website regularly to check whether a new opportunity better suited to your profile has become available).

  • 03


    You’ll then be interviewed by a recruitment professional and/or future colleague (usually your potential manager). The aim of the interview is to give you the opportunity to tell us about your motivations and aspirations, and for us to see how well your profile and skills match our needs for the vacancy concerned, and to assess your potential as a member of the team.

  • 04


    Are you the applicant we’ve decided to focus on? Then congratulations! To set out the terms of our future relationship, we’ll issue you with a formal job offer. When we receive your acceptance, we’ll prepare an employment contract for signature by you and us.

  • 05


    When you join the Group, your manager and fellow team members will take you through a bespoke induction programme tailored specifically for you. And that’s where our adventure together begins!

The corporate culture that unites us

Would you like to know more about BlueLink corporate culture and the beliefs that drive us all? Read our Manifesto to discover what lies behind the art of relationship as we practice it every day to raise the profile and build the reputation of the brands we represent.

A committed and responsible group

Want to know more about our CSR commitment? Find out about our sustainability strategy here.

Our commitments

The art of customers relations

Our philosophy at BlueLink: more than a profession, customer relations are an art. The art of creating links.

Our corporate culture