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Join our dynamic team in the heart of one of Europe’s the most beautiful cities. With more than 500 employees, working either part-time, full-time or flexibly from home, we provide 24/7 support to customers in 22 languages, 365 days a year. The average age of our employees is 34 and they represent more than 70 nationalities, making the BlueLink International CZ centre a real cultural melting pot. The attractive and innovative work environment (awarded the local ‘Offices of the Year’ prize in 2017) is supported by an active career development policy, 90% of our managers are promoted internally. Our Czech centre offers a broad range of opportunities to people who like to work in a young and eclectic environment, such as recreational activities, a friendly atmosphere, cultural diversity and more.

Prizes awarded


• CSR Challenges Trophy, in the “social policy towards employees” category

• Corporate Citizen Award

• F d’Or Disability Award, in the “Awareness” category


• ABSL Diamonds Awards 2020: category "Value Creation"

• ABSL Diamonds Awards 2022: category "Education"

• Corporate Trophy for the Top 15 of France’s best customer advisors


2022: CCFT Awards: BlueLink Prague reached 2nd place in the company of the year

Why join BlueLink Prague ?

You'll love the BlueLink International Prague centre for its unique experience, which is...

  • Human

In a warm and welcoming atmosphere, you will join a young and dynamic team with an average age of 34,7. Here, we prioritize face to face interviews to keep the human approach. Regular formal and non-formal events support the team spirit and get to know one another as humans and friends, not as colleagues “only”.

  • Multicultural

With more than 70 different nationalities, diversity is one of our core values. We are rich and proud of our differences! Thank to this multicultural environment we enrich our general culture and open mindedness.

  • Learning

Throughout the employee's career, training is an essential link in cultivating our know-how and interpersonal skills in terms of customer relations. We encourage learning and development by giving employees space and opportunities and progress their career by a well-developed internal promotion and hiring system. Our digital training “Strive Towards Excellence” Programme (STEP) is designed to develop employees professionally.

  • Involving

Boldness is one of our core value, so we encourage employees to speak up, volunteer for projects and say yes to a challenge. We have the right to make mistakes: they are a source of learning. We grow up in an empathetic environment. We listen to each other and do our best to meet every need.

  • Pleasant

Our recent smart working environment is located in the Prague’s city centre close to all amenities and public transportation easy to access.

  • "À la carte"

Even though we like face-to-face contact and love working from our nice offices in the very centre of Prague, we do provide the freedom and space to our employees to work almost from wherever they prefer by having Remote Working/Working from Home/Working from Abroad policies in place.

A 3-stage recruitment process

Interested in joining us? Here's how the recruitment process works at BlueLink International CZ

  • 01


    Your application is received and examined by our recruitment department. If it looks promising to us, we will contact you very shortly for an initial discussion.

  • 02


    Soon after that, one or two interviews may take place, remotely and/or in person, for you to get to know us better. You will also be asked to carry out some practical cases and language tests, depending on the position and opportunities. If this phase is conclusive: well done; you go on to the next stage!

  • 03


    You sign the contract, and start the integration process (training, job coaching, etc.). You are now part of the BlueLink adventure! Congratulations, and welcome!

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BlueLink Prague in pictures

At BlueLink CZ, we have an entrepreneurial spirit, so we encourage our teams to take the initiative, speak up and say yes to any challenges they feel ready for! We focus on empowerment, because I am certain it’s a source of individual and collective achievement!

Vincent Leonardi

General Manager

BlueLink Prague

A committed and responsible group

Want to know more about our CSR commitment? Find out about our sustainability strategy here.

Our commitments

L’art de la Relation

Our philosophy at BlueLink: more than a profession, customer relations are an art. The art of creating links.

Our corporate culture