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BlueLink, the art of customer relations since 1992

At BlueLink, we believe that customer relations is much more than a profession... it is nothing less than an art. The art of creating links.

Remote customer relations is not only the heart of our business, but also a business close to our heart. Every day our experts around the world work with real passion to shape emotion-driven relationships and impress their clients through memorable experiences. 

Putting people at the heart of customer relations

The digital world has become an increasingly important part of all our lives. Yet in today’s global world of networks, data flows and connections, human interaction has never been so fragmented.  

For brands, building genuine long-term customer relationships has become a major strategic challenge. At BlueLink, we are convinced that the key to a successful customer relationship is putting the individual needs of people back at the heart of our interactions. Creating an emotional response, taking care of others, touching human hearts, and generating engagement and excitement... these are the secrets to building outstanding personal relationships that transcend distance.

The art of relationship: the conviction that drives us

BlueLink, The art of relationship

Artisans of excellence in customer relationships

At BlueLink, we make the full spectrum of our expertise available to demanding brands to design and consistently deliver memorable customer relationship experiences. As the cornerstone of brand image and reputation, and a source of true value, customer service must be able to be reinvented and developed innovatively, without ever losing sight of the close person-to-person contact that is the heart of any empathetic and attentive relationship. We do that by building the best body of expertise in our industry, and sharing it on a daily basis for the benefit of your business. 

At BlueLink, we are...

We are committed to engaging in productive dialogue based on sharing and emotional empathy. We have a passion for conversation, which drives our sense of service and helps us to focus on the small details that make every interaction a unique story.

The challenge of customer relations is now more of a strategic challenge than at any time in the past: the truth is that image, price and product alone are no longer enough to stand out distinctively in today’s marketplace. Our expertise is concentrated into designing powerful and engaging experiences that build enduring and committed relationships between each brand and its customers.

Customer relations is a living art whose transformation is being accelerated dramatically by digitalisation. Once a very technical exercise, it is now becoming increasingly subtle and human, owing as much to expertise as to interpersonal skills. In the knowledge that the expertise we have generates genuine value and commitment, we are committed to passing it on through training for the best relational talents. 

We see the customer relations centre as the new R&D facility for brands. The fact of its proximity to customers makes it a powerful source and driver of innovation. Immersion, ideation, experimentation... all these begin with the customer. Consistently leading from the front has always been our culture.

“Working remotely to extend the customer experience, keep the brand promise and perpetuate the dream: these are what real customer service is all about from our perspective. We embrace the history of each brand to craft unique, memorable stories that elevate customer relations to an art form in its own right.”  

Frank Legré

CEO of BlueLink

Our guiding values

Deeply rooted in our corporate culture, our values define who we are and how we work. They guide our choices, our actions and our commitment to clients.

  • 01

    Showing empathy

    To create genuine, caring and compassionate relationships. 

  • 02

    Embracing diversity

    To inform and enrich the way we act and think. 

  • 03

    Growing our collective intelligence

    To learn from each other and work together to make new things happen.

  • 04

    Daring to be bold

    To explore new horizons, drive innovation and deliver performance.

  • 05

    Committed to excellence

    To give the best of ourselves and excel on a daily basis.

The corporate culture that unites us

Would you like to know more about BlueLink corporate culture and the beliefs that drive us all? Read our Manifesto to discover what lies behind the art of relationship as we practice it every day to raise the profile and build the reputation of the brands we represent.

A heritage of excellence

By promoting excellence in customer relations, we strengthen the trust between brands and their customers every day.


Our references

They chose us and we are proud to support them in a relationship of partnership and co-construction.

Our clients

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