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Created in 2009, the BlueLink International Australia centre handles customer relations for prestigious brands operating in the Asia-Pacific region. Our teams, who come from very different cultural backgrounds, enjoy a friendly and stimulating work environment in the heart of Sydney, 5 minutes’ walk from the city centre. BlueLink International Australia is a marvellous place to work, with its youthful, international ambiance and warm, dynamic environment.

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Why join BlueLink Sydney ?

You'll love the BlueLink International Australia centre for its unique experience, which is...

  • Pleasant

Situated in Pyrmont, a vibrant suburb 5 minutes’ walk from Sydney's city centre, the BlueLink International Australia centre offers a pleasant, light-filled working environment.

  • Enriching

Learning and personal development are encouraged throughout a career with us. Training is an essential part of our employees’ career paths, enriching know-how and interpersonal skills.

  • With benefits

BlueLink International Australia offers its employees attractive social and economic benefits.

A 3-stage recruitment process

Interested in joining us? Here's how the recruitment process works at BlueLink International Australia

  • 01


    Your application is received and examined by our recruitment department. If it looks promising to us, we will contact you very shortly for an initial discussion.

  • 02


    After that, one or two interviews may take place, remotely and/or in person, for you to get to know us better. You will also be asked to carry out some practical cases and language tests, depending on the position and opportunities. If this phase is conclusivel: well done; you go on to the next stage!

  • 03


    You sign the contract, and start the integration process (training, job coaching, etc.). You are now part of the BlueLink adventure! Congratulations, and welcome!

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On the shores of one of the most beautiful bays in the world, BlueLink International Australia offers a highly fulfilling lifestyle in a modern, cosmopolitan city. This attractive setting is ideal for the BlueLink teams in Sydney to develop personally every day, and actively contribute to keeping our customers happy!

Keith Barreto

General Manager, Sydney

BlueLink Sydney

A committed and responsible group

Want to know more about our CSR commitment? Find out about our sustainability strategy here.

Our commitments

L’art de la Relation

Our philosophy at BlueLink: more than a profession, customer relations as an art. The art of creating human connections.

Our corporate culture