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The guarantee of a response in under half an hour on social networks strengthens the Transavia brand

Official partner since its creation, BlueLink manages Transavia’s customer services on social media – a strategic channel for the airline.


Since 2007, BlueLink has built up a partnership with the Transavia France team, bringing its expertise in customer relations management. Over the years, Transavia France experienced strong growth, encouraging it to extend its range of services. At the same time, the customer services – handled by BlueLink – were developing. In 2014, with the addition of Transavia Netherlands to the partnership, digital has become the benchmark channel for promoting the company image.



Start of the collaboration with Transavia France.


Transavia France invests in social media. BlueLink sets up workshops to support the company in this new channel.


BlueLink is in charge of the brand’s customer relations on social media.


In addition to French and English, BlueLink’s customer advisors respond to Transavia customers in three additional languages: Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.


Launch of the OSD (Operational Support Desk) which provides commercial and technical assistance for the airports served by Transavia (7 days a week – 4am-10pm).


Launch of the Group VIP service, sales and after-sales service for Transavia’s VIP partner agencies.


Launch of Jade (assistance for people with reduced mobility), a project set up in collaboration between Transavia and BlueLink. BlueLink starts managing Transavia’s public social networks.


Despite the context, Transavia launch with BlueLink a unit specialised in the management of flight irregularities and passenger rebooking. In addition, opening hours were extended from 8am to 10pm to 7am to 11pm.


Transavia is elected Customer Service of the Year 2021 in the category “Collective passenger transport”. The airline company wins the Qualiweb trophy “Best online customer relations 2021” in the “Tourism – Transport” category for the third time in a row.


Transavia is elected Customer Service of the Year 2022 in the category “Collective passenger transport”.


Transavia is elected Customer Service of the Year 2023 in the category “Collective passenger transport”.

The day transavia france started its first flights, BlueLink began managing post-flight customer services”

The BlueLink team is trained to the same level as Transavia employees in the products and brand values of the airline.

From the start, BlueLink has built a partnership with Transavia. We bring our airline-sector customer relations expertise to our clients, backed by our proactive attitude.

Transavia customer services, managed by bluelink, are developing in step with the airline’s growth

On behalf of Transavia France, we ensure that changes in customer requests are monitored, providing both technical and strategic support. The challenge: contributing to optimising the airline’s product range, by being increasingly responsive on social-network-based customer relations.

In the face of the viral potential of social networks, teams from transavia and bluelink began working closely together

BlueLink advisers act as genuine ambassadors for Transavia, capable of embodying the airline’s values and image. Social media are viral channels where information circulates very rapidly and the air industry is a sector where responsiveness is standard practice. So it was important for Transavia to entrust its customers to a trustworthy partner.

BlueLink and Transavia worked jointly to set up a panel of best practice, which is regularly fine-tuned to ensure the airline’s values are best represented in the answers given to customers. Response lines on specialist or sensitive subjects are also the subject of regular discussions between BlueLink and Transavia.

We are committed to finding the right tone on social media, in our role as ambassadors for Transavia

Because Transavia is an international airline, we make sure that we present the brand’s values of local and enthusiastic service to customers with potentially different cultural sensitivities.

Each day, the BlueLink team rises to the challenge of providing a response in less than half an hour, staying in step with ever-more connected and discerning customers. A post-contact satisfaction survey measures the effectiveness of our advisor-ambassadors.

In addition, BlueLink manages the community management of Transavia’s public networks (Twitter and Facebook).

In 2022, on behalf of Transavia, BlueLink provided:






Interactions son social networks