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Customer relations consultancy

To support you in your customer experience projects.

We design a customer relations strategy, for you and with you, in line with your brand DNA and support you in its operational deployment. Having conducted a comprehensive audit of your relations, we advise you on potential outsourcing of your customer relations, always remembering to maintain the balance between economic performance and high-quality relations. 

  • Overhaul of your customer relations strategy and definition of its premium positioning 
  • Development of your loyalty programmes  
  • Design of the customer journey and contact points
  • Service Excellence audit
  • Assistance obtaining the “Service Excellence” label 
  • Audit of your Intraday-Management 
  • Empowerment programme for customer relations teams  

Our references

They chose us and we are proud to support them in a partnership of mutual trust and co-construction.

Our clients

Focus on customer relations trends

Our experts decipher and analyse the latest customer relations trends for you.

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