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BlueLink and Devialet, a finely tuned partnership!

In the French capital on 12 September, the duo touched upon innovation and agility.

October 13, 2023

In Paris in mid-September, BlueLink took part alongside Devialet in the presentation of the results of the latest Barometer of economic, social, and territorial impacts of outsourced contact centres in France. Organised by SP2C (Syndicat professionnel des Centres de Contacts, Union of Contact Centres), the morning’s discussions mostly focussed on the following question: how does innovation transform the customer experience?

Arnaud Maurer, Head of the BlueLink Strasbourg site, and Sébastien Faure, Head of Customer Care at Devialet, were happy to take part together in a round-table discussion to share concrete use examples of customer experience.

It was also an opportunity for Sébastien Faure to greet favourably the partnership with BlueLink: "Devialet specialises in acoustical engineering. (...) So we relied on the help of experts in customer relations to support us in this mission, so that we could focus on our core business. BlueLink not only has solid credentials, but also demonstrates great agility in its ability to create tailor-made experiences in line with our positioning."

This activity, which has been managed by BlueLink since 2016, is now handled in Sydney as well as in Strasbourg by Arnaud Maurer's teams, who confirmed that "far from being a subcontracting relationship and more than a partnership, we have built with Devialet a symbiotic relationship and that's innovative. It's a unique relationship based on mutual trust."

This annual highlight offers a wealth of learning opportunities since it brought together all the French players in customer relations; it also shed light on the acceleration of the digital innovations that have marked the past year (Bot, AI, Generative AI, etc.) and that will be at the heart of the challenges to come.

The discussion between Sébastien Faure and Arnaud Maurer was also recorded and is available as a podcast launched by Customer Service of the Year Award and SP2C.