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Technology watch

To offer you the benefit of the latest market solutions offered by BlueLink’s Innovation Lab.

We explore new technological approaches (data, design, digital, etc.) to support organisations’ transformation in a changing context. Our Innovation Lab, with its expertise and feedback, inspires, experiments and offers solutions in line with the needs and uses of brands but also with your customers’ expectations. 

  • Use of chatbots and bot-training 
  • Management of messaging and livechat 
  • Video-assistance  
  • Collaborative shopping 
  • Social listening 
  • Measurement of customer satisfaction  
  • Collection of customer feedback  
  • Semantic analysis 
  • Speech analytics  
  • Mystery surveys  
  • Augmented translation  

Our references

They chose us and we are proud to support them in a partnership of mutual trust and co-construction.

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Focus on customer relations trends

Our experts decipher and analyse the latest customer relations trends for you.

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