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BlueLink speaks at the All4Customer Paris trade fair

Interviewed by the SP2C (Syndicat Professionnel des Centres de Contact) as part of a masterclass at the ALL4Customer* trade show in Paris on Tuesday 26 March, Frank Legré, CEO of the BlueLink Group, shared his vision and case studies illustrating how emerging technologies such as AI are transforming the profession.

March 26, 2024

Exploring how contact centres are evolving from points of service to integrators of innovative solutions, demonstrating how they are transforming themselves into veritable hubs of expertise and solutions, shedding light on current trends and projecting prospects for the future: these were just some of the subjects addressed during this masterclass bringing together players in the remote customer relationship outsourcing sector.

“In this era of the experiential, omnichannel is a given, explained Frank Legré, we obviously need to respond to this increasingly strong demand for immediacy, and in this respect, AI is very efficient and provides undeniable support for customer relations teams, both to help them respond more pertinently to customer requests and also to help brands gain a better understanding of what their audiences are saying when they phone or write. The support of AI in analysing verbatims offers an incredibly rich source of insights (and without soliciting customers!). At the same time, this reverses the established order of key skills in remote customer relations. The development of soft skills is becoming essential and differentiating”.

As a result, AI in all its guises has taken centre stage in the strategic debates of companies looking to improve their customer relations. Feedback from real-life experiences has shown how AI can help personalise customer interaction and optimise business processes. At the same time, the ability to train employees to adapt to this paradigm shift and the responsible use of AI represent major challenges.

*All4Customer Paris is France's leading trade show for customer experience, digital marketing, e-commerce, data and artificial intelligence.