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BlueLink meets the children of Aïna

Last week, three members of BlueLink management committee visited the children of the Aïna charitable organisation in Madagascar.

February 22, 2023

In February, Frank Legré, CEO, Marc Breiner, Customer Engagement Director, and Frédérique Lacombe, Finance Director of BlueLink had the opportunity to visit the ‘solidarity’ nursery school, the orphanage and all the teams involved on site.

As businesses have an essential role to play in their environment, it was obvious for BlueLink that it must get involved in this organisation that strives to help children and young mothers in Madagascar out of poverty.

We have been supporting the Aïna organisation in its cause for a year now.

Aïna, Enfance & Avenir has defined itself as a ‘future provider’ for the children of Madagascar for the past 17 years. As a result, more than 55 orphans have found a home in the Aïna centre. To fight against child abandonment and to prevent children from having to live on the street, the organisation provides training for around 45 very young mothers, and has ‘solidarity’ crèches and nursery schools that can accommodate more than 200 children.

The work of Aïna, Enfance & Avenir, mainly revolves around the themes of education, training, health, food and raising awareness of environmental protection.

Would you like to help the organisation? You can offer your help as a volunteer, intern or sponsor directly via the website:

Thank you to the organisation for its welcome and generosity, and to our employees who helped collect toys and clothes, which were donated to the organisation during the trip.