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BlueLink & Transavia: a double award-winning duo in 2023

Partners for more than 15 years, the French airline Transavia and the customer relations expert group BlueLink excel!

March 15, 2024

For the third time, Transavia France, whose remote customer relations are managed by BlueLink, took first place on the podium at the " Élu Service Client de l’Année 2023" awards ceremony! The company won the coveted trophy in the "Public passenger transport" category. In addition, for the fifth consecutive year, Transavia won the Qualiweb award in the Tourism and Transport sector. These two prestigious awards highlight and reward a collective commitment to serving the airline's customers.

Based on the principle of mystery shoppers, the demanding Customer Service of the Year award evaluates the quality of customer relations delivered each year via 10 to 15 criteria applied to the entire customer experience: pre-sales, sales and post-sales. The Qualiweb Barometer measures the quality of customer relations in France on all online channels (e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). The study conducted in the last quarter of 2022 covered a panel of 230 companies in 16 sectors of activity. On a 100-point index, the ranking takes into account response time, relevance, personalisation of the response, and quality in form. This year, Transavia scored 74.03 out of 100, 4 points higher than in 2022, demonstrating the continuous improvement dynamic and the quest for excellence of the customer relations teams.

These achievements are the fruit of a trusting partnership as Cédric André-Masse, Customer Experience Director Transavia*, points out: "Since its creation 15 years ago, Transavia has always been extremely proud of its partnership with BlueLink. As a brand, entrusting its entire remote customer relations to a partner is a decision fraught with responsibility, as the teams carry the voice, commitment and reputation of Transavia on a daily basis. It is a carefully considered choice that can only be made with a trusted partner like Bluelink. Today, it is always with great pleasure and joy that we associate BlueLink with our successes, because it is also the recognition of the expertise of our teams and their know-how.”

* Testimonial from the EY study for the SP2C (Syndicat Professionnel des Centres de Contact) Contact centres, creators of value for their partners, at the service of the end consumer, Edition 2022