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In an online environment, how do you keep the brand promise by providing the kind of experience that clients expect: seamless and fluid?

BlueLink manages customer care for the French gem of luxury and technology, renowned for its high acoustical standards: Devialet


Devialet is an acoustical engineering company which operates at the junction of luxury and cutting-edge technology. The brand's ambition? Giving sound back the place it deserves in our lives, by offering memorable acoustical experiences regardless of the environment or use case.

Loyalty, repurchase, and engagement: a company's success depends on keeping the brand promise at each and every stage of the customer journey. With the intensification of distance selling, it is essential for the brand to provide signature services and interactions that are in tune with expectations. Reducing the effort involved in the customer journey is therefore a major challenge.

What's more, with a highly committed community of aficionados, we needed to rally a team of customer relations experts within the customer care department who shared a common passion for sound, so as to extend the customer experience with never a wrong note. Harmonising "inside and outside".

From the store in the heart of the Paris Opéra house to online customer care, Devialet and BlueLink are working closely together to offer a comprehensive and memorable customer experience.

Reducing customer (and employee) effort, fine, but how?

The new generation has become vocal, does no longer necessarily write and looks for instant solutions and answers; the challenge of streamlining processes was therefore key for BlueLink and Devialet.


# Develop video and live conferences (customers receive a link and can make a short video to show their device and get detailed answers to their technical questions).

# Use generative AI that translates comments into English, where necessary, and draws up the main points of the purpose for a contact to generate a highly qualified summary.

# Set up a coding tool to help qualify contacts in particularly detailed way.


For end-customers, these innovations make their customer journey easier, which becomes much more spontaneous, and considerably reduce effort and frustration. It also helps the brand look closer and more accessible, especially for those who don't have a physical store nearby.

The comfort of customer advisors is improved so that they can focus on the quality of the relationship with their customers. They can thus fully play their role as Devialet ambassador, embody the world of the brand and share their passion and commitment. It's a real source of pride, an achievement.

Some figures:


rate of reduction in the number of interactions required to solve a customer case


rate of satisfied and promoting customers


engagement rate of the 20 BlueLink & Devialet ambassadors worldwide

Pampering your community of brand ambassadors: key principles

Some of the principles that give the tuning tone for the quality of the relationship with Devialet brand ambassadors

# Sourcing with a passion

To recruit its future brand ambassadors, BlueLink highlighted the differentiating factors of the Devialet brand. Its unique, cutting-edge world, DNA of excellence, avant-garde vision and values were emphasized throughout the recruitment process. These factors all foster the attachment and engagement of future applicants. Applicants are shortlisted based on their appetite for technology, sense of service and language skills in particular, but also on intrinsic motivation, linked to a passion for music and a love of the brand.

# An immersion that rhymes with emotion

Once set up, this community was dived deep into the heart of the brand's world to enjoy memorable in-store experiences with the brand's flagship products. Hear, see, touch to immerse oneself. A taste for excellence. Experience, feel and feel the beat of the brand so that you can in turn make people feel it too. This emotional and sensory experience is a real sound box Not only does the influence of ambassadors amplify the brand's good reputation and attract new people, it also enables Devialet to use them to improve its products and services.

# Management that rhymes with symmetry of attentions©

On a regular basis, the brand invests in its customer relations teams, giving them visibility of strategic issues and encouraging them to take responsibility and involving them. It makes the employee experience the prerequisite for the customer experience. At BlueLink, Devialet feels "at home". Brand ambassadors are brought into the loop on subjects that are essential to the company. This transparency and sharing generates a remarkable level of engagement: a symbiosis that can be perceived up to the end customer. Ultimately, BlueLink employees and clients form a community of Devialet enthusiasts!